On this week’s show, we discuss what happens when you kick a bee’s nest and it comically sticks to your foot, except in this analogy the “bee’s nest” is the internet and the “comical” part is actually sexism. Which, you know, isn’t comical at all. LINKS!

Remember kids! Twitter is for darts, not debates!

Next, we move on to another sort of INNERNET FREAKOUT in the form of locationally aware technology, where Morgan Freeman isn’t the sole wielder of the power, Steve Jobs is. And we trust Steve just as much as we trust The Voice of God.

So, apparently Sony’s still a thing. And speaking of things, they just stomped alllllll over theirs.

We seamlessly segue into a discussion that’s completely out of left field. Literally.

It’s almost too much show to handle. The very boughs of the Internet are pregnant with it’s decadent fruits.

Which, incidentally, is the name of my alt-rock cover band.

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