It’s been far too long. We missed you. Both of you, our audience. As a gift, we bring you these, the finest links in all the land. A veritable feast of LINKS:

That’s it folks. We’ll be back, though, even if I have to call in from a creepy foreign land. Until then, enjoy both the length and girth of this, our meatiest episode.



We’re back! Like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Except without the pending alimony payments!


A hell of a lot happened in the last week, and we do our best to avoid almost all of it. That is why we are paid the big bucks.

Hey, so, it was kind of a slow week in the old news cycle so we basically spend about 20 minutes discussing the hats at the Royal Wedding HAHA JUST KIDDING IT’S ALL SEALS ALL THE TIME.

Linkin’ like a motherfucker:

After that we move on to another form of terrorism. That’s right, folks it’s the Hall of Fame.

Seriously, if you only listen to one podcast about the recent events in Pakistan you should probably listen to the one associated with the NewsHour With Jim Lehrer. Then after that, you can listen to this one and give us notes on where we went wrong.