The first rule of having the Cardinals in the World Series is that you make sure any farm animals in the host city are safely under lock and key. But the second rule, the important one, is that you don’t talk about the Cardinals being in the World Series. The third rule is LINKS:

That’s it for now, folks. As I sit here the hated Cardinals are tied with the Rangers 2-2 in the 3rd inning of game 7 of the World Series. If they win, I’m just not really sure there’ll be an episode 20.
Have you ever been wandering in a strange place? You’re there alone, when a pleasant stranger approaches and tries to engage you in conversation. You resist, but they become more and more insistent. Until finally, they’re right up in your grill saying things like “this is the ladies room” and “pervert” and LINKS:

In other news, I ordered an iPhone. Yes, I know, sweaters in hell, etc etc. I’m a frontrunner, people. Next thing you know, I’ll be voting for Obama and wearing a Raiders jersey.

We’re back! Yeah, I know. You get tired of hearing that. Well you know what I get tired of? Your goddamn whining. It’s all “I’m too tired” and “I have a headache” and “Exit only! Exit only!” and “LINKS!”

Okay, so we didn’t cover that many topics. We did, however, manage to milk these for over 50 minutes of content. Reduce, reuse, recycle!