SHOW TITLE HERE is obviously going to be big. Huge. So big, in fact, we’ve decided to avoid naming it until we weigh all the offers for corporate sponsorships. Also, until we come up with a better title. And, you know, some kind of a point.



Pat has been on the Internet so long that he remembers when it was just a string of 1’s and 0’s written out on notecards and mailed to a clearing house in Monroe, Wisconsin. Pat still has several dozen boxes of these notecards, which, when read through very quickly, produce a low-rez version of the goatse image.


When Warren was very young his mother told him that drinking coffee would stunt his growth, and that if he continued to make that face it would freeze like that. Warren is 6’5″. She was half right.

Avatars generated by AMC’s Mad Men site.

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