So, I guess this is a thing again. Which, you know, not really a terrible thing, per se. For instance, we could have started hanging out with the “wrong crowd,” joined a punk band, taken up skin popping sweet lady H, maybe get a neck tattoo and some LINKS!

There’s other stuff, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Also, not going to lie, I’m kinda lazy.

NO, not really.

And I didn’t even ride the Oregon Trail (though I did see a trail marker). Unless I-80 was a big part of the Oregon Trail, I’m not really sure.

But we do have a show! One that consists almost exclusively of me telling Pat all about my time abroad, in shitty cars, for 10 days. It’s a real humdinger. Enjoy.

We’re not dead yet! We’re feeling better! Because of the big jug of bottom-shelf, plastic-bottle gin and a big ol’ spoonful of LINKS!

That’s it for now folks. Hopefully it won’t be another *mumble mumble mumble* months before we do this again. All that opinion and snark gets backed up in you, and sometimes you just need a verbal enema. So that’s what this is: Talk Poop.