And really, who does? Communists.

Communists want scurvy.


Okay, we talked about more than that. A lot more. Like, an hour’s worth. So go ahead and listen to it, and make sure to tell me how it goes. God knows I don’t want to relive that.

What is there to say, really?  We spent far too much time talking about politics.  Politics bore you?  You don’t really follow it?  Well, isn’t that special.  Skip to about the 45 minute mark and you can hear us talking about porn stars in Vegas and then you can keep on ignoring the crazy elephant that is smashing the hell out of your living room because it’s all hopped up on goofballs and cheap tequila.

Sorry, I don’t Internet, so you can go find you’re own links.

The best part of the holidays is all the carbs. The other day I was eating a doughnut at work, when a coworker brought in a pie, and another coworker brought in a cake. This resulted in the best/worst sandwich in the history of mankind, right up there with the time Chris Dodd and Teddy Kennedy cornered a waitress in the hallway. Slabs of cake bracing a jelly-filled doughnut, with cherry pie filling as a condiment. As I took bite after bite, I could hear a tiny, almost inaudible voice. It was my pancreas. It was calling for help, a help that would never come. “Save me!” it cried. also: “LINKS!”

So, we need to leave. So there’s your podcast. You ungrateful bastards.