WHOA! Didn’t see you there! With your come-hither eyes and your sensuous, pouting plumber’s crack. Of all the gin joints in all the jointed gins in all the Ginny Joiner jointed ginger geiger jo-jo j…j…gah.

I’m really out of practice with this. Anyway, here’s your links or whatever. I guess.

Other stuff too, I guess. Whatever.

So, we’re here. Again. I know, it’s been like 2 months and your lives are hollow and empty without us. That’s okay, because we’re here now, with our dulcet tones, and LINKS!

And that’s it folks. See you again in…what, like two months or something.

We’re not dead yet! We’re feeling better! Because of the big jug of bottom-shelf, plastic-bottle gin and a big ol’ spoonful of LINKS!

That’s it for now folks. Hopefully it won’t be another *mumble mumble mumble* months before we do this again. All that opinion and snark gets backed up in you, and sometimes you just need a verbal enema. So that’s what this is: Talk Poop.